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11 January 2022

On November 27, Clube de Golfe dos Engenheiros concluded its 2021 Order of Merit at the fantastic Vale do Lobo Ocean Course. In confirmation of the great champions of the season, Gonçalo Nunes was crowned the unequivocal winner of the Order of Merit Net with 193 points. In Gross, Luís Pinheiro repeated the last season victory, know with 159 points, ending another year in a sublime form. The Ladies Order of Merit was convincingly won by Teresa Gomes with 179 points. Virgílio Guerreiro also took home first place in the Seniors Order of Merit with 176 points.

The following day, on a sunny Sunday at Salgados course, the CG Engenheiros inaugurated the Ingenium Ryder Cup. In a competition that emulates the emotions of the historic Ryder Cup, President Miguel Campos and Captain Luis Antunes alternately selected the teams to play the Ingenium Ryder Cup first edition.
The Salgados dressed up to receive the Club. Immaculate greens, shapely fairways and challenging pin positions. The engineers responded to the magnitude of the occasion and produced match after match to remember.
Each player opened with 9 holes of individual matchplay trying to contribute 1 point to their team. Then, several pairs played their 9-hole pair matches in the foursomes modality and the rest in the fourball betterball modality. The score looked like a perfectly drawn sinusoid, reminiscent of college benches.
In greater secrecy, President and Captain were there, putting accounts to life and realizing that everything could depend on the latest formation. And so it was. All tied until the last match. Only then, by the minimum margin of 18.5-17.5, it was declared that luck and merit benefited the President's team in the first edition of the competition.
The result is a cup decorating with prestige the President's home for a year and the members of the winning team sporting an emblem of the edition from now on on the Club's polo shirt. For the future, it is certain that this year was just the beginning of another beautiful tradition at the Clube de Golfe dos Engenheiros.

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