11 January 2022

The stage for the Final of this year's edition of The Golf Cup Unitel BFA has already been chosen. The choice, naturally, fell to the Omeya Golf Club in Windhoek, capital of Namibia. It is the third time that the grand final of The Golf Cup Unitel BFA has been played on this course, given the guarantees of quality and professionalism that the entire Omeya team provides for a tournament with this level of demand.

The tournament, which will find the winning team of the eighth edition of this national business championship in Angola, was scheduled to take place this November, but given the pandemic circumstances, it was decided to postpone the event to February next year.
The Final will feature 12 teams (24 players), who have qualified through the four qualifying stages played at Mangais Golf Resort, in Barra do Kwanza, on July 17th, September 25th and October 16th and 30th.
In each tournament, the three best teams were selected, always in an atmosphere of great competition and conviviality. In all four stages, as has always happened throughout the eight editions of The Golf Cup Unitel BFA, the field sold out, with 36 teams (72 players), leaving a lot of teams on the waiting list.
This year was no exception, and not even the health context – which, moreover, attracted special attention from the organization with tests at all tournaments (fortunately without any positive cases) – confirmed the enthusiasm and interest with which golfers look at this circuit.
Not only for the sporting appearance, but also for the 'networking' it makes possible. Just look at the diversity of companies that signed up and the nationalities of the players: six different in the final, and 14 throughout the year.
The organization is already preparing for next year's edition, whose stages will take place in the same months as 2021. There will be a greater focus on proximity to the sponsors, with more rewards and an increase and diversity of communication formats for all partners.

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