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Amateurs and professionals together on new circuit

22 March 2021

In order to provide Portuguese professionals with stronger competitive opportunities, similar to what happened last season with the National Absolute Championship, the Portuguese Golf Federation will open participation on its national circuit to all registered professionals in 2021.Additionally, each of the 5 tournaments that make up the circuit will include separate flights for Amateur Men, Amateur Women and Professionals (mixed). For the professionals, in an innovative way, a purse amounting to € 7,500 will be in dispute at each tournament, with no gender distinction.

The format of 2 days of competition per tournament will remain, where the draw on the first day will be mixed, bringing together amateurs and professionals. On the last day of the tournaments, the draw will separate them.
The Federation Circuit will have an Amateur Gold (Gross) and Silver (Net) ranking, as well as a Professional ranking. It should be noted that these 5 tournaments will also count toward the PGA Portugal rankings.
The circuit, which had Cashback World as the naming sponsor for the past 3 years, is looking for a new sponsor.

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