Footgolf at Montebelo

22 March 2021

Montebelo Golf, in Viseu, will now have a FootGolf course, a sport that is growing internationally, with the “kick-off” at the end of October, the date on which the new sport becames available on the course of Visabeira Turismo.

FootGolf is a game played with a soccer ball (no. 5) on golf courses, with the aim of kicking the ball with your foot different distances, from the starting point (tee), to the hole (goal), in the least number of kicks. Toscore well, it is necessary to combine power and precision in a strategic way. As in normal golf, the winner is the one who kicks the ball the fewest times.
To complete 18 holes, takes an average of two to three hours. It is estimated that in Portugal, currently, there are one thousand practitioners. Having appeared in the Netherlands in 2009, “FootGolf” is played in about 100 countries andhas already conducted three world championships.
The dress code for the foot golfer consists of golf shorts or shorts and high socks, a polo shirt with collar, normal or golf cap and indoor shoes or sneakers for synthetic grass as to not damage the natural turf.


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