Here we go

23 March 2021

Por Márcio Berenguer

Here we are. One more year. It is not worth talking about what 2020 was. 

The difficulties that we all - some more than others - had to face. Nor to dwell on what the first months of this year have been. We know that golf has been intermittent and most likely, it will continue to be this year too. The best is to look to the future and it necessarily undergoes a quick adaptation, in line with the first responses that this sport and its organizers gave in the last months of last year. This adaptation begins with the safe reopening of golf courses, and the return of tournaments. Golf is one of the few sports where social distancing is possible. Where the ball does not change hands. Where there is no physical contact. Where the venue is a green expanse outdoors.
And when we talk about reopening golf, we're not just thinking about Saturday or Sunday. We are talking about a central industry for the country, whose portrait, distressing, is so well explained in this edition, by the pen of Valdemar Afonso.
But look towards the future. The cover of this edition talks about that. A look to the future that João Magalhães, one of the great promises of national golf carries. He is one of the most recent Portuguese professionals and speaks to us here about his expectations, dreams and certainties.
Good reading. Good golf.

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O Amarante Golf Clube e a Federação Portuguesa de Golfe assinaram um protocolo para o lançamento do Amarante Golfe Open, em Junho, prova que conta com o alto patrocínio da Câmara Municipal de Amarante. Na celebração dos 25 anos do clube, pretende-se fixar um novo torneio no calendário, com prémios monetários de 15 mil euros, tornando-o no segundo evento mais importante, depois do Campeonato Nacional Absoluto Hyundai.

Footgolf at Montebelo

Footgolf at Montebelo

Montebelo Golf, in Viseu, will now have a FootGolf course, a sport that is growing internationally, with the “kick-off” at the end of October, the date on which the new sport becames available on the course of Visabeira Turismo.



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