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25 August 2020

Por Márcio Berenguer

We're back. It was four long months of break...

We're back. It was four long months of break. Difficult and strange months for everyone, in which we are faced with various fears, diverse doubts and very much indecision about the future. A disruptive virus shook us and everything we took for granted. It paralyzed the world. It paralyzed us. Even now, when golf clubs are timidly reopening across the country, we are forced to relearn the movement among the others. We breathe through masks, greet at a distance, change our path so we don't run into strangers. What brought us together now moves us away. In this world, in which we seek to normalize abnormality, small pleasures, such as golf, are almost revolutionary statements. Libertarian. We need them to stay alive. And living, we already know, is not just about surviving. Count on us on this return to golf.

Good health. Good reading. Good golf.

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O Amarante Golf Clube e a Federação Portuguesa de Golfe assinaram um protocolo para o lançamento do Amarante Golfe Open, em Junho, prova que conta com o alto patrocínio da Câmara Municipal de Amarante. Na celebração dos 25 anos do clube, pretende-se fixar um novo torneio no calendário, com prémios monetários de 15 mil euros, tornando-o no segundo evento mais importante, depois do Campeonato Nacional Absoluto Hyundai.



At 56 years old, Pedro Lima Pinto is an unavoidable figure in national golf. He is the most visible face of Greatgolf, the career management agency he founded to help young Portuguese golfers. The agency currently represents five golfers, and has a fundamental rule: it only works with those who are dedicated exclusively to the game.



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