13 October 2021

The EuroBic Winners Cup hosted by ANSG with the support of the ‘main sponsor’ took place in July, at the Belas Golf Club. There was an atmosphere of great friendship and passion for golf, but without leaving out the competition, approximately 40 players from all over the country faced the course and intense summer heat.

The victory, Gross General, smiled at José Cândido de Oliveira. Maria Augusta Lopes won the Net General, Célia Mitschler the Net Ladies, and José António Eusébio the Net Super Seniors + Masters. The special awards went to Álvaro Carneiro (Closest), and to José Andrade and Célia Mitschler (Longest Drive).
The awards ceremony was presided over by the vice-president of the Association, Abel Pereira, and ended with remarks from the president, António Costa.
Opportunity to underline the importance of the ANSG at national level and its responsibility in the representation of Portuguese senior golf, always with the support of the Sponsor EuroBic, and PGF, in the achievement of one of the objectives of this mandate: obtain Handicap Management for the 12/13 hole tournaments.
António Costa also referred to the Association's fundamental contribution to the development not only of senior golf, but of golf in general and in particular Pitch & Putt, which at ANSG has become a reference at the national level, being Vice-Champion National 2021. The president ended up reinforcing the satisfaction with the partnership with EuroBic, congratulating the entire ANSG team for the work that has been developed.

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