13 October 2021

ITA was the winner of the first stage of The Golf Cup Unitel BFA 2021, which took place on the Mangais course, in Barra do Kwanza. The team, which played with the pair Eduardo Muanafumo and João Cortez, finished the 18 holes with 46 points, thus guaranteeing a place in the final, scheduled for November.

Second place in this stage of what is considered in Angola as the National Championship of Golf Companies, goes for the hands of Kim Young Cheol and Gilson Francisco, who played for the Koran team. In third, was the Newbe team, with the duo Delcio Machado/José Crispim. These three teams, all qualified for the final, finished with the same 46 points, with the tie being broken by scoring in the last six holes.
The next stage, also at Mangais Golf Resort, takes place in September, and will also qualify three teams for the final of The Golf Cup Unitel BFA 2021. The third stage follows in October and a final qualifying round in November, before the grand final.
The tournament, which was born in 2014, is the most important in the Angolan golf calendar. Over these years, it has already carried out 28 qualification stages, involving more than a hundred brands. The organization of the finals abroad is part of the grand prize. The exception was the 2020 edition, held in February 2021 due to the pandemic, in which the final was played in Angola. In the remaining editions, the winners were consecrated in South Africa (Sun City and Cape Town), Namibia (two years in Windhoek), Óbidos (Portugal) and again South Africa (Johannesburg). This year, the location of the Final is yet to be defined according to the evolution of the pandemic and the respective restrictive measures.

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At 56 years old, Pedro Lima Pinto is an unavoidable figure in national golf. He is the most visible face of Greatgolf, the career management agency he founded to help young Portuguese golfers. The agency currently represents five golfers, and has a fundamental rule: it only works with those who are dedicated exclusively to the game.

Footgolf at Montebelo

Footgolf at Montebelo

Montebelo Golf, in Viseu, will now have a FootGolf course, a sport that is growing internationally, with the “kick-off” at the end of October, the date on which the new sport becames available on the course of Visabeira Turismo.


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