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24 June 2022

Hugo Ribeiro, former journalist and press officer of the main international events in Portugal, puts his finger on the wound: the development of golf involves its democratization. Only then, he argues, will it be able to attract more players, more young people, and, consequently, more talent and notoriety to the game.

It's hard not to agree with Hugo Ribeiro. It is only with more players that competitive levels increase, talent grows and golf elevates, placing it in the media space which, in turn, will contribute to feed the growth base, bringing more players to the sport.
This has to be done with everyone's contribution, because it concerns everyone. Federation, PGA, professional players, clubs, courses, tourism industry... All. We can no longer waste time in useless wars. Instead we should replicate the proven development models that are out there. Golf, its sustainability, its future, will thank us.
This is this is Golfe Portugal&Islands. Your golf magazine, which in addition to Hugo Ribeiro's vision, brings a little bit of Augusta National, the Architects' journey to the North, Pedro Lencart's victory and the achievements of Aroeira and Miramar in the youth nationals.
Good reading. Good golf.

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