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Golf Portugal & Islands, at your favorite clubhouse

24 March 2022

By Márcio Berenguer


The wait is over. This week, the first Golf Magazine Portugal&Islands issue of 2022 arrives at the clubhouses. On the cover, Tomás Melo Gouveia, who in a large interview reflects on national golf and points out ways to go. Champions, he says, are a product of families' investment and dedication.

Also in this issue, the main tournaments of the Portuguese Golf Federation, the international victories of Bessa and Santos and the always lively events of CG Arquitectos. Find your magazine at all golf courses in the country, selected hotels and restaurants and here, on digital, through the PressReader and Magzter apps.

And it's been eight years since Golfe Portugal&Islands first teed off. It was in May 2014 that we had the audacity to produce, from Madeira, a modern, fresh, innovative magazine that covered all of national golf and the main international events.

A magazine that took care of professionals as well as amateurs. Which gets excited about competitive golf, and rejoices with social golf. That looks at the adults, without closing its eyes on the younger ones. That didn't distinguish between men's and women's golf, when its time to line up the news. That gave space to the best coaches, that was the home of the best journalists like Valdemar Afonso, Octávio Passos, Sarah-Anne Smurlick, Hugo Ribeiro...

With hard work, with exceptional quality, with the selflessness of a few, and with the help of so many others like Andrew Oliveira, Ricardo Abreu, Edgar Silva, Dara Ford,... we managed to build the trust of the main players in national golf – CG Arquitectos, Associação Sénior, Nevada Bob, Solverde, Vilamoura, CG Engenheiros, Abreu Viagens, PGA Portugal – and being interlocutors for international partners such as the European Tour.

Written in Portuguese and English, to translate for everyone the best that is done every day, every week, every month, on the golf courses of this country. Often for very little. Almost out of kindness. With some personal sacrifice, but always, always with passion for the game. And always without subterfuge, without shortcuts, without intrigue, without hidden balls. Respecting both partners and competitors. Dialogue with the market, listening to it.

We are what we are. What we always were. The most read golf magazine in the country. And so we will continue. In May we will achieve eight full years. We will continue here, at least a few more. Thanks for reading us.

This is the first edition of Golfe Portugal&Islands this year, your monthly golf magazine.

Good reading. Good golf.

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