13 October 2021

The XI edition of the Officers and Gentlemen's Cup was held on May 22nd, at the Montado Golf Course.
This year's edition was once again attended by nine teams: teams from the three branches of the Armed Forces (Air Force, Army and Navy) and six teams from the liberal professions (Lawyers, Architects, Economists, Engineers, Pharmacists & Doctors).

A tournament, which, unlike what happened in 2021, took place this time in a more relaxed atmosphere, in a period of reopening, with less penalizing rules, but always in compliance with the general directives issued by the Federation and Health Authorities.
The tournament was held in shotgun, and the weather conditions in general provided a pleasant day of golf, despite the moderate to strong wind. The course collaborated, presenting itself in good condition, allowing excellent overall results for several teams.
So, after the competition was concluded, the results were collected and the luncheon was finished, the winning team of this XI.º Edition of the Officers and Gentlemen's Cup, the Engineers Golf Club, in the person of its President Miguel Campos, received from the hands of the President of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Golf Federation, Manuel Agrelos the respective Cup. Second place went to the Architects Golf Club and third place went to the Doctors Golf Club. It was a very well played tournament, considering that between 1st and 3rd place the difference was only 9 points.
Thus, the Engineers Golf Club recovered the Cup won in 2019, with the Architects Golf Club having to give back the one they had obtained the previous year, by the difference of three points.
The PGF representative acknowledged the invitation that was sent to him and gave high praise to the event. “It was an excellent tournament that reflects a very special spirit of clubs that I consider to be elite. Congratulations to all of you."

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