25 August 2020

Por Márcio Berenguer

Lets to talk about golf, today. Let's talk about sport.

Lets to talk about golf, today. Let's talk about sport.

In January a legend of world sport died. He played basketball. It was big. Giant in the sport to which he gave himself with all his soul. The will to win, the dedication to the game, the sacrifices, the combat are an example of what Kobe Bryant was.

The kid, the son of a former NBA player, always refused to be one more. At the age of 12, after an entire season without a single basket, he said enough. In two years, he became the best player in the state. How?

“It's simple math. Most children play maybe 1h30, two days a week. But if you train two or three hours, every day, for a year… do the math for that ”, he later said, already with five NBA champion rings, two NBA best player titles, 18 times All-Star and two Olympic gold medals. Everything, in 20 years of career.

‘Black Mamba’, as I once wanted to be called, is an example of overcoming, of passion, friendship and love. Isn't this life?

Good readings,

And good sport.

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